Tobin leads a Free monthly online class called THE ART OF AWAKENED RELATING. 

Each month, he illuminates the principles and practices that will help align your life with the natural laws of the human heart. 

You are invited to become an integral part of a community devoted to the path of embodied awakening and growth through skillful living and loving.

For most of us relationships, intimacy, and sexuality are the most challenging parts of life. 

No one should have to navigate this terrain alone! 

Whether you are single, partnered, or in any other intimate configuration, you are invited to join us for a sweet, sublime deep-dive into the heart of what it takes to create a truly fulfilling and awakened life of love and truth. 

Each Satsang will include:

A Guided Embodiment Meditation designed to create the perfect foundation for healthy relating

A “Relationship Dharma Talk” exploring what it means to actually have awakened relationships and experience a truly sacred sexuality 

An exploration of how to deal with the major obstacles and barriers to experiencing true love and healthy living. 

An opportunity to have all your most personal questions addressed and receive unique, masterful support

This class is designed to help you experience a completely new paradigm of living and loving that is both Sacred and deeply Alive; A place to learn, grow, and feel supported in loving community.

For those ready to take the journey, Tobin offers deep clarity and a true path forward… a path that leads to ever-deepening intimacy, sublimely powerful passionate living, and a life filled with love. 

We hope to see you there!

“ I can personally attest that Tobin is one of the most dynamic, insightful, inspiring and powerful Satsang, relationship, intimacy and sexuality teachers I have ever known 🔥 This truly is an incredible online relationship course!”

Craig Wenaweser
Founder of Urban Awakening SF, therapist and mens group leader 

“Tobin is one of the most masterful relationship experts I have ever met and I love what he teaches and how he teaches it! If you are interested in more intimacy, love, aliveness, pleasure and satisfaction in your relationship, definitely check this out.”

Julia Mikk
Internationally renowned healer, spiritual guide and founder of Breath of Love movement 

“I believe that Tobin is the next Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle. The sheer awakening presence of sitting in his meditation groups is awesome. One comes away not in awe of another teacher but actually awakened somehow in the mystery and aliveness and beauty of one’s own presence.”

Elizabeth R. 
Book Editor & Leadership Consultant

“Tobin is a deep, clear, compassionate and wise teacher/counselor.”

Mark Coleman
Author of
Awake in the Wild