Praise from Women

“Tobin is the full package! Spiritual and empowering… all with a soaring, open heart… A truly masterful man. I believe Tobin truly has a sixth sense for what is going on within me, and wields tremendous wisdom and compassion to lovingly and powerfully address my soul’s deepest needs. He has the capacity to walk with me into the depths of my emotion and then calls me to rise to my greatest heights! He leads with such a pure heart, seeing the magnificent potentials lying dormant within me, and patiently working to help me remove the obstacles that stand in my way.”

Leslie Grace
Somatic Therapist and creator of Tribal Tantra

“Tobin is amazing. I always feel so lifted every time we have a session. We’ve talked about everything in my life that is of importance; relationships, family, communication, finding my purpose, working on myself…. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for how valuable this has been in my life…  The best investment I could ever make for myself! Thank you Tobin for being such an awesome soul guide so that I may show up in this world as a fully authentic, vulnerable and powerful woman.”

Meghan Layne 
Life Coach and Song Leader 

Working with Tobin has been the most important time, in terms of personal growth/awareness, that I’ve ever had! I have completely regained hope for a happy future. The best part is that I finally believe that I deserve it. I don’t know if I ever could have begun to love myself if it hadn’t been for Tobin’s unconditional care and respect for me. I’ve never had anyone who really saw me, saw everything I could be… and helped me realize that finding peace inside myself is actually possible and very attainable. You always help me to see how I can be my best, my truest self. (and therefore a better mom. We both appreciate it very much.)”

Jan Z.

“Tobin, you have been my light and my salvation, helping me navigate home through the dark places and despair, lighting my path with your divine wisdom, selfless generosity, and gentle guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Elana B.

“Tobin you are just fucking brilliant! Oh my God! I get goosebumps from your insights! You get it EXACTLY!! It’s so subtle, but you just get it and reflect it in a way that I can trust myself now. Your approach feels magical. You always seem to know the right questions to ask to unmask places in myself that are buried with confusion. And this magic is happening even on the phone.  The same insight that is unleashed during in-person sessions is the same insight I get from phone sessions. Wow.”

Rayschael L. 

“Tobin is a master and a master teacher. He is exquisite in his embodiment of the Divine Masculine ~ A True King ~ open, available, powerful, potent, incredibly stunning. I’ve never seen another man embody such a kingly, regal, essential, masterful way of being.”

Juna Mustad 
Author, Intuitive, and Relationship Coach

Tobin’s particular transmission of awakening is a potent blend of devotional, playful, erotic and deeply embodied. His masterful ability to coax the full expression of life forward ~and to inspire living fully and freely in this human body~ is immensely powerful and life-altering. The way he is able to guide others through whatever blockages or traumas are held in the body is nothing short of miraculous. He is able to hold the deepest presence and trust of what is naturally reaching for its own freedom while inviting forward the particular intelligence of each person’s unique unfolding. Tobin is a true gift to this world. He is an expression of life awake to itself in service of the ever-deepening awakening in all.”

Amanda S.

“Tobin, your quiet, gentle wisdom has helped me to know myself better, and your gracious selflessness has held the space in safety and compassion so that life-changing transformation has been able to happen for me. Your kindness and heart energy have truly touched my soul and forever changed my life. Thank you.”

Erika L.

“I truly Thank the Universe for leading me to Tobin. He gets me like no one else I have ever done “inner work” with. His intuitive gift of knowing my heart without having to explain it in so many words is like being held by the Mother and Father we always yearn to have. Kind, deeply trusting, funny… I finally feel like I have a really good man on my team, on my side ~ that I can go to in times of great pain, angst, or worry and that he will always, no matter what, guide me with the deepest grace back to my own inner Wisdom.”

Shauna B. 

“Because of Tobin and his powerfully clear guidance, I am now in a relationship that is healthy, passionate, soul centered and thriving! I could not be more grateful for Tobin’s assistance to help me uncover my own truth, power, and the ability to live from my Essence as an individual and in this new healthy relationship. Thank you Tobin!”

Kerr Bailey 
Somatic Therapist

“Tobin is a true Relational Master. He is the only person that I personally recommend for relationship counseling, guidance and wisdom. It is clear to me that Tobin was put on earth to share this gift. What he shares comes from a place of total LIVED experience and integrity. I am so grateful for Tobin’s alchemical, relational magic being introduced into my life when I needed it the most!!”

Meryl Eve Yecies

“I think of you so often, with infinite gratitude and love. Thank you for being my #1 angel, loving me out of my confusion and pain throughout all these years. The phrase “thank you” is totally insufficient…”

Helen A.

“Tobin, thank you for the grace and light you have brought into my life. Thank you for your gentle, unpresuming wisdom and your gracious generosity. Thank you for the gift of profound insight which has shown me the way to my own inner exploration and self-discovery. THANK YOU for the kindness and sensitivity with which you have shown me the way home!!”

Jennifer S.

“From the beginning, Tobin helped to bring out my inner spiritual freedom. He offered something that I had never experienced with anyone else ~ what feels to me like a living embodiment of his essential nature, or what I think of as ‘the holy spirit.’ In my first session, I began to catch a glimpse of my higher self, my own divinity. I felt inspired, strengthened, accepted, and affirmed. He radiates qualities like clarity, love, strength, compassion, and integrity… and with him, I feel very safe, and I feel like he is able to see and mirror these qualities in me…Also, he doesn’t let me get away with anything! He is quick to point out when I am off track ~ either deluding myself or avoiding the depths of my experience with chit-chat. But within the ‘no B.S.’ boundaries, I feel totally held… free to see both the beautiful and the ugly parts of myself, knowing both are honored completely.”

Stacey F.

“Tobin has shown me an amazing new world. Being with him and his ability to be Present enabled a deep opening of limitless possibilities. I became increasingly comfortable in my body and felt empowered overall. This teaching has affected change which is now a central part of me. I am eternally grateful.”

Amy S.

“Working with Tobin has had miraculous effects on my life… My marriage, my health and my life have all been transformed. Working with Tobin is nothing less than a life-saving, soul-liberating, sacred gift… one that every woman should give herself.”

Dana N.

“Tobin~ Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! To have someone like you help me (and so many others) get through this amazing, tough, sweet life has been the biggest gift ever. You’re the best!! Thank you for passing on to me more than I could have hoped for.”

Lisa N.

“Tobin, you are a light in my life. Thank you for your constant support, wisdom, and loving-kindness. For the gift of profound insight, which has shown me the way to my own self-discovery and inner exploration…For the kindness and sensitivity with which you have shown me the way home…And finally, and miraculously. For helping me to love myself. I hold you forever in my heart with deep affection and respect.”

Carol L.

“Tobin, I think of you so often, with infinite gratitude and love. Thank you for being my #1 angel, loving me out of my confusion and pain throughout all these years. The phrase “thank you” feels totally insufficient, but my heart wants to share the words nonetheless. 🙏🏼

Hope A.

“It’s never enough to say thank you for all of your love and support. I think of you as my ‘authenticity midwife’ and continue to appreciate all the ways you’ve helped me grow. THANK YOU (millions and trillions)!!”

Alison W.

“Tobin, it’s hard to put into words what you’ve done for me and how awesome you are, but here’s my best attempt: You are the most skilled, intuitive and caring counselor I have ever seen. I am constantly amazed at how much you help me, but more importantly, how much you help me help myself. You give me real tools that I can actually use in my everyday life that have allowed me to grow, and to be more liberated and at peace. I truly feel so supported and genuinely cared about by you… Your dedication to helping people find their own truth is amazing. What can I say? You have helped me more than I can express. what you are doing on this planet is so beautiful and so necessary. Thank you, thank you!!”

Wendy Taylor

“Tobin has a rare ability to be fully present – to listen intently to the spoken word, read the body language, feel the energy, take it all in. With careful consideration, he shares his wonderful words of wisdom and well-grounded advice that serve to gently nudge us forward, one step at a time, on our individual paths of personal growth and spiritual development. Always patient, always kind, always there, his guidance is like a beacon of light on a stormy night helping us to navigate the often tricky and unpredictable waters of life.”

Courtney K.


My heart is glad for you.
You ease my aching soul.
You show up for me. I never thought that possible of any one.
To my intensity, you say, ‘bring it on.’
To my sorrow, you say,’I am here.’
To my joy, you radiate back.
You see me, all of me.
You are a soul brother, a guide, a teacher, a deep healer.
You have born in me a will to live…to live deeply and fully.”

Cynthia N.

Praise from men

“My work with Tobin has been Profound and excellent! His approach is real, simple and cut to the core of what had been holding me back. My life is forever transformed. I could not be more grateful.”

Walter J.

“Tobin is a deep, clear, compassionate and wise teacher/counselor.”

Mark Coleman
Author of
Awake in the Wild

“Throughout our work together, you have amazed me with your ability to so delicately and precisely attune to exactly what my being is in need of in each moment in this tricky and paradoxical journey of conscious awakening. You are a ‘true navigator,’ a ‘true guide’… helping me to live my heart’s deep desire for understanding and living truth. And at the same time, you help me navigate through the challenging circumstances and situations of everyday life such as relationships, career, finances, etc. It is clear to me that you have emerged from your own journey with an open and full heart that is ready and willing to serve others in their blossoming, I feel blessed to have experienced working with you, Tobin.’”

Dan K. 
Financial Advisor

“Miracles grow in our meeting. For me, the greatest gift is unconditional Love and Presence. What we’ve shared feels too sacred to talk about but too beautiful not to try. Thank you from my wholeness to yours. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Jonathan S.

“Tobin is one of those teachers that is both grounded and open, clear and compassionate. It has been such a grace to work with him over the years. Also, most importantly, working with Tobin has enabled me to be in a healthy relationship in a way that was not possible for me in the past! Thank you, Tobin, for your insight and awakened vision.”

Bill K.

“My work with Tobin has been invaluable to me. He has given me a space to truly be myself ~ all of myself. He hears my words, and then he hears what is behind the words, and then he senses what is below that which is behind the words. With Tobin, I never have to translate. He gets it. He gets all of it: the good the bad the scary, and the joyful. He has provided me with an opportunity to have all of who I am to be seen and heard. There is no greater gift that one human being can give another.”

Guy Jara
Senior software developer 

“To say that my work with Tobin has changed my life is actually a vast understatement. It has so irrevocably transformed what I once thought of as “me,” several times over, in ways so remarkable and beautiful I would have never imagined. Our work has been a gift that feels so priceless, I often feel after a session like “I would have literally traded everything I own in the world for that …” And all that over the phone. Amazing.“

Liam Bowler
Author of “A Creator’s Companion”

“I’ve never been helped so deeply by someone, and I’ve never had such profound movement in my sessions as I have with you… And I’ve been seeing therapists since I was about four years old. I really, really appreciate the way you’ve been there for me. I think you are one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. ”

Jim J.

“Tobin has the ability to help men to live an extremely rare experience of love and intimacy… A life that most men never imagined possible.”

Brian L.

“Spiritual awakening happens when the suffering is the greatest. I may not have survived had it not been for the help and guidance of Tobin. He helped me navigate the most challenging and harrowing juncture of my life with grace, compassionate understanding, and a laser-like intuitive guidance.”

Bob G.

“Tobin embodies so much light, silence, balance, poise, humor, and gentleness. To me, he is a very rare being, put here to bring hope to the living of others. Working with him has been one of the biggest gifts of my life.”

Bill B.

“Tobin works with wisdom and gentle understanding. His peaceful atmosphere provided the security, confidence, and guidance that I needed to get in touch with my own spirit and start reclaiming my life.”

Fred A.

“I experience gratitude and am inspired by the transmission, support, warmth that I feel from you and the way of being that you embody. It is straight from the heart, the true heart, the unique heart of truth that is so different for each one of us. I feel deeply seen by you – you welcome the truth of my soul at its depths, transcendent of any method or approach… deeply, truly, genuinely real. With you, I feel met within my own divinity – so precious, so alive, so essential, and loving. There is such fulfillment in that. And how wonderful that your being radiates outward to serve others, that there is nowhere inside or out that it wants to leave out.””

Jeff M. 

“Tobin, your gift for ‘effing’ the ineffable and the way you openly share your perceptions have helped me move from immense struggle and pain to a taste of real freedom. THANK YOU!!”

Greg M.

Praise from Couples

“Tobin is the most powerful couples counselor I know. Sessions with him are worth years with other therapists.” 

Kimberly Ann Johnson
Author of The Fourth Trimester and Call of the Wild: How we heal trauma, reconnect to our own power, and use it for good

“Wow, Tobin did what we thought was impossible! And made it happen in three sessions. We transformed our relationship. We are now experiencing a very peaceful, loving, and sexually fulling relationship. We are also no longer being triggered by each other, which is a true miracle! We are living a life as very best friends and lovers. We grew in our abilities to receive. We built deeper trust. And we stepped into our sovereignty. Our relationship is more playful than ever! Yes, 8 years going and it is getting better. Tobin’s ability to work intuitively and multi-dimensionally makes all the difference. His work is beyond talk therapy. It is integrative and somatic. For any couple considering working with Tobin, we HIGHLY recommend him. He doesn’t waste time in stories but gets right to work in bringing light to the shadow. Aware and caring, he is a super match for conscious couples interested in taking their love to the next level!”

Kirk and Joy 
Maui, Hawaii 

“Tobin is a master in this field. There are very few people in the world that I trust in the world to navigate the complexity and delicacy of relationship dynamics in the way I trust Tobin. I confidently refer clients to him regularly, and when my wife and I are in need of support, Tobin is who we trust with our relationship. He and this approach have my complete, 100% admiration, appreciation and validation. If you are looking for someone to support your relationship, he has my triple A stamp of approval!” 

Riyaz Motan 
Professor of Psychology and Therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area

“Tobin Zivon,  THANK YOU for contributing to the deepest joy and love I’ve ever experienced. We came to you in the scariest and most challenging standoff!  We  truly felt that we might have had to let go of this gorgeous love. But, in such an exquisite and deep way, you helped us to see the root issues, desires and fears we were each holding and you helped deliver us to a place where we could lovingly see how  compatible amd aligned we actually are. Once we were able to let go of our ‘emotional hijacking’ as you call it, we found ourselves more clear, aligned and in love than ever before. We are now married and have our first baby on the way. We could not be more grateful for this work.“

Laura and Robert S. 

“Tobin is truly a master of the art of relationship. We could literally sing his praises all day long! We have worked with many coaches and therapists over the years and none compare to the extraordinary care, attuement, and relational skill that Tobin brings to our sessions together.”

Courtney & Justin 

“We came to Tobin on the brink of needing to break up because of an issue that had been plaguing us for five years. Within 3 weeks of learning his techniques and working with him directly, we saw through the confusion, had a massive breakthrough and feel closer and more in love than we ever have! What Tobin was able to accomplish with us in that short of a time was nothing short of miraculous. Words cannot express the gratitude and awe we feel.”

Christie and Greg M. 

“Tobin’s approach to working with couples is truly a game changer. I am blown away. I had been emotionally and mentally exhausted by a loop of frustrating patterns playing out in my relationship. After just one session with Tobin, we had a new level of ease in our communication. After 3 sessions, we are in deeper appreciation of each other and our love than ever.”

Katie and Todd H. 

“We had exhausted all of the great relationship tools we had when we arrived at Tobin’s door. What he did was so refined yet simple that only a master at his craft could achieve it. Tobin helped us successfully navigate a MAJOR challenging wave in our relationship with grace, love, and acceptance. Amazingly, we find ourselves thriving now as a couple.”

Ash and Patrick K. 

“Tobin is the Obi-Wan-Kenobi of relationship. He truly has an almost superhero-like power to tune into what is needed and what will serve in such a short amount of time. The session we had with him was truly profound. Even in one session, he was able to zero in on exactly what we needed. And it got to the heart of the matter so quickly and efficiently that we only needed that one session for a dramatic shift to take place. It was like a lightning bolt of revelations and transformation for us both. I feel soo grateful.”

Wendy T.

“I feel that I literally owe Tobin my life. Within two sessions my partner and I had moved through what felt like the stickiest most challenging point of contention and stuckness we had been in for years. It felt miraculous. I now find myself moving forward in a life that feels clear on track and healthy. Beyond that stuck point that was gut wrenchingly painful at the time. I am eternally grateful.”

Abri K. 
Mindfulness Teacher 

“I have been to several couples therapists in past relationships and received no significant help. TOBIN’S WORK IS DIFFERENT. It is powerful. It bypasses mental storytelling and dives straight into the heart, straight into truth, straight into love. His work is both direct and gentle. And the entry point is the present moment. He has shown me how to access Presence in the heat of my emotional reactions so I can navigate my way back to truth, love and Being. He is also showing me how to do this work with my partner, helping us to use our relationship and any storm that comes along as a pathway to spiritual awakening and freedom. Because of this work and Tobin’s clear guidance I am now in a relationship that is healthy, passionate, soul centered and thriving. I could not be more grateful for Tobin’s assistance to help me uncover my own truth, power, and living from my Essence as an individual and in relationship.”

Kerr D and Dan M 

“My partner and I were truly feeling as if we were going crazy. We knew we loved each other more than any couple in the world. For the first year and a half of our time regather, we experienced incredible ease and bliss. But for some reason, at that  year and a half mark, we started hitting a snag that ended up going around and around in a hellish cycle that we came to call a ‘misery go round.’ Thank God we found Tobin! In an almost shamanic and what felt like magical way, he helped us to address the underlying wounding and trauma that was at the core of the cycle that was taking us over. We are now married (woot woot!) and have moved into the house of our dreams. We are smiling, laughing and enjoying our love more fully than we did in even in that first year and a half. I could not recommend working with Tobin more highly!”

Florence and Jeremy M. 

“Working with Tobin has been an absolute blessing! He has been an incredible ally for our relationship and has been a true gift from the Universe. Before my partner and I did our first session with Tobin, we were definitely on the verge of breaking up. I was feeling so much doubt and frustration in the relationship and getting ready to let it all go. In the session with Tobin, we were FINALLY able to authentically share what was coming up for us, and we were finally able to hear each other. We were able to REALLY communicate about the issues and the feelings that were triggering us in a way that felt truly safe, supportive and skillful. It was just amazing! Absolutely beautiful. Ever since our sessions with Tobin, my partner and I are connecting more deeply than we ever have.

Fawn and Brandon L. 

“My husband and I worked with Tobin following a string of some pretty intense traumas in our relationship. I can wholeheartedly say from that first session with Tobin, our relationship was forever changed for the better! I felt more connected, safe, and confident. Our communication deepened in a way I could have never even imagined! I felt really held as a woman. My husband felt really held as a man. Tobin has plunged the depths of his own masculine and feminine in a way that allows him to show up SO fully for his clients.”

Stacey Ramsower

“Tobin is a highly skilled and deeply attuned mystic, capable of looking in and through your soul, leaving you inspired, relieved and exhilarated about the wild ride of life. If you have a relationship glitch, he’s the master who can bring you back to love. I trust him with all my heart!”

Eva Clay
Sex Coach & Therapist

“Tobin was a godsend! I don’t think a traditional therapist would have worked for us. Tobin created such a safe space for us and took us step by step. We were easily able to tell Tobin some of our deepest concerns with us both feeling held and understood. After our first session, we both let our walls down completely, felt vulnerable, and immediately trusted Tobin. He was so relatable and helped us quickly get to the root of the issues in our relationship. Tobin has been by far the best tool to keep our relationship thriving!”

Robie & Emilia

“I’ve done hundreds of hours of couples sessions with many therapists over the years, and I have never felt the profound power of what I felt with Tobin. I felt held in a truly sacred container. I felt heard and seen in ways I had never felt before. And the dynamic in our  relationship completely shifted even after just the first session.”

Erica P.
CEO and Director of Sales 

“When our marriage hit a particularly rough spot, Tobin helped us navigate through some seriously frightening terrain! His remarkable ability to listen, comprehend and occasionally translate our jumbled thoughts and feelings into coherent ideas was essential in re-opening the lines of communication between us. Through it all, Tobin has been our ally ~ an engaged, caring third party who has given us specific, tangible tools that we use on a regular basis. With his help, a dose of humor and a lot of work, we’ve come out the other side, more secure in ourselves and MUCH stronger in our relationship!”

Chris & Jill P.

“Tobin has truly mastered the art of working with couples…He has a generosity of spirit and sincerity that is rare to come by. His ability to see into the heart of things and bring clarity and awareness to the immense complexities of the human psyche and relationship is extraordinary. He not only brings immense knowledge and skill, but profound presence and heart. I highly recommend Tobin for any person or couple wanting to experience more fullness and life in self or with another.”

Emily A.

“Tobin is a truly gifted couples counselor. He always demonstrates wisdom and insights into relationship issues in a way that makes one feel like he’s dealt with our very own challenges so many times before.…Just when I think I’ve seen all of his ‘bag of tricks,’ he shows a whole other level of skills and mastery with couples.”

Murray A. 

“What an absolute blessing to have worked with Tobin! From the first day we worked with Tobin, we knew we were working with the perfect energy to help bring us through our darkest times. Today we are blessed to have found our true selves and now we have the tools needed to build upon our now great relationship. We are so excited for the future!  and for the joy our flourishing love can bring to two boys’ lives.”

Nichole and Anthony