For MANY women around the world, Tobin has been a profoundly catalytic and deeply loving ally. 

Equal parts caring and wise, he is here to support you on the Journey of genuinely fulfilling your truest desires in every area of life. 

He has continuously demonstrated the profound ability to ‘get it’  ~ to understand at the deepest levels ~ while helping to navigate the inner and outer terrain of one’s biggest challenges and most delicate life moments. 

He has an uncanny level of appreciation for the exquisite depths of vulnerability and courage that it takes to authentically engage in this healing path.  

He shows up FULLY ~ with skill and with exquisite attunement ~ every step of the way. 

If you are looking for the highest level of true soul support, Tobin is here to help you manifest the life ~ and the love ~ that you are ready for.

I see Tobin as a Couple’s Whisperer, a love ninja, and a catalyst for true embodied awakening. I wholeheartedly recommend his work for any woman or couple looking for spiritual/life counseling or relationship Jedi mastery! Sessions with him are worth years with other therapists.”

Kimberly Ann Johnson 

Author of The Fourth Trimester and Call of the Wild: How we heal trauma, reconnect to our own power, and use it for good

“Because of Tobin and his powerfully clear guidance, I am now in a relationship that is healthy, passionate, soul centered and thriving! I could not be more grateful for Tobin’s assistance!”

Kerr Bailey 
Somatic Therapist 

“Tobin is one of the most masterful relationship experts I have ever met and I love what he teaches and how he teaches it! 

Julia Mikk
Internationally renowned healer and founder of Breath of Love

“Tobin is a true Relational Master. He is the only person that I personally recommend for relationship counseling, guidance and wisdom. I am so grateful for Tobin’s alchemical, relational magic being introduced into my life when I needed it the most!!

Meryl Eve Yecies

“Working with Tobin has had miraculous effects on my life… My marriage, my health and my life have all been transformed. Nothing less than a life-saving, soul-liberating, sacred gift… one that every woman should give herself.”

Dana Newman 

“I truly Thank the Universe for leading me to Tobin. He gets me like no one else I have ever done ‘inner work’ with. Kind and deeply trusting… he helps guide me with the deepest grace back to my own inner Wisdom.”

Jill P.